I Love You.


Today, I went to visit a client who has three young boys- 3 year old twins and a 2 year old. She, herself, is only 22, but is an extraordinary mother. I always schedule our visits at “nap time”, as I am sure you can imagine…these 3 are a handful and then some! However, these handsome young men (who have dimples for daysssssss) have figured out when I am coming, and I usually see their little heads pop out under the blinds. I think they have figured out the sound of my car or something, because without fail at least one of them is there at that window as soon as I close my car door.
Today when I got there, they were extra, extra rowdy. Screaming, carrying on like they were being tortured. I guess in their minds they were…the nice lady who kisses the crayons was there and mommy is a big meany making them sleep. So, after a few minutes of this…I couldn’t take it anymore. I told my client that they could come out if she was ok with it and at first, she said no, that they needed to nap. After they screamed “mommy, pleeeeeeassssseee” a few more times, she relented. I knew these poor, desperate children were going to emerge all smiles and sure enough, they did. It was Academy Award winning acting. Spot on and perfect. Not a tear to be found….dimples firmly in place next to their huge smiles.
These boys are generally pretty shy at first each time I see them, not at all effusive (which I would expect, given their insatiable desire to be in the same room with me), instead they kind of look at me until I do something that they deem worthy. Today, it was to kiss a stuffed frog. I asked to kiss the frog and you would have thought it was Christmas! Until…the screams of “GIVE ME THE FROG” began. These screams from a 2 year old sounded like “GIVE ME THE F***”, which at first I thought he was saying, until I realized that his little mouth had difficulty with the “R” sound. So, frog kisses all around, followed by goodbye tickles. I finished up with mom, got my stuff together and said goodbye to the boys. As I got to the front door, one of them said something I didn’t understand, so I looked at my client with a question on my face. She said “he just said I love you”. Seriously, I almost melted, not even exaggerating. I said, “Wow, thank you, I love you, too”. And, just like that, I was literally engulfed in little boy. One wrapped around my leg, one jumping up for a hug and the other grabbing at my arm. Short, but, sweet…one of the best moments of my life 🙂


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