Zooby. Bumble-ooby.


I don’t have alot to say today…it’s Friday and I am tired. So, let me just tell you a bit about the world’s greatest cat. Zooby was about 5 or 6 months when he followed me to my car in Baltimore. I walked out of a client’s house (where there was a masturbating Boston Terrier..I swear!) and he came out of the alley and started meowing and rubbing up against me. I bent down to pet him and and kept walking. He kept following. It was a busy street and intersection, and I got worried, so I tried to put him back in the alley. He wasn’t having it. Followed me again. At this point, there was a woman walking down the street, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, she told me that there were young boys throwing rocks at him. She said he was the nicest cat she had ever met and felt sorry for him. Yes, she was a prostitute (she was a well-known street-walker), but, I believed her. She had no reason to say anything to me about it. It was clear he was not being cared for, covered in fleas, dirty and hungry. Plus, it was a busy street and he would not leave me alone. So, I put him in my car. Fed him bits of  Pupperoni and tried to pawn him off on my aunt and then a neighbor. Didn’t work…and 9 years later, I am so glad!
He stayed in the “cat room” for 3 days…a safety zone for Doublestuff with her cat litter and a sunny window, where she could get away from the dogs. He pretty much remained perched on the ironing board until he decided enough was enough and needed to check the dogs out. He was immediately accepted and set about becoming a loving, loved member of the household.
The reasons Zooby is so great are many: he sounds like a coffee percolator when he purrs (and he purrs often), he lets us pet his (big) belly, he goes CRAZY over lunch meat, he makes that awesome chittering sound when he sees birds, he likes to sleep on our heads and “knead”, the only time he ever hisses is when Trixie jumps on his head, he has the brightest eyes I have ever seen on a cat, he steals my desk chair the minute I get up (it’s become like a little game we play), he loves boxes, he has an awesome ‘stache and answers to almost any variation on his name.
Wrap up: Zooby is a Bumble-ooby, a Bum-Bum, a Zoobs, a Zoobs Von Boobs, a Bumble-oobs. a Zooby Wan Kenoobi,  a Boob, a dude, a Boo- Boo, a Boo-Boo Bum-Bum,  a Zooby Von Booby the Bumble-ooby….
I really need to get a life 😉


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