Sleep Tight.


Every night, there is a fight for space in my bed. Since Paul started his job, he goes to bed pretty early, as he gets up very early. I, however, especially over the past week and a half have been up very late. My mind won’t shut down until I am completely exhausted. It is an interesting shift.
While Paul was unemployed, he would be up late, applying for jobs, or building websites to make some money. Me & the beasts would retire at a “normal” hour and spread ourselves out. It was quite luxurious. Now, with Paul’s new schedule and my restlessness, by the time I get to bed, luxury means I get to squeeze myself in, and grab as much blanket as I can. Sometimes, I make everyone shift around, sometimes I don’t. Unlike the dogs, who don’t seem to mind making us uncomfortable, I really feel bad making them move. And, forget the cats…they ain’t going nowhere.
Some people are very opposed to letting animals in bed…and believe me, some nights I wish I was one of those people. But, I am not. And, if Paul were a less tolerant man, we never would have made it to “I Do’. Tonight, Savannah waited for me on the couch until I was ready to go to bed. However, even when she does this, in order to ensure her spot, she climbs her stairs to get into bed while I brush my teeth. Rocco was nested up under the covers (all over my side) and Trixie was at Paul’s feet. Zooby was still hunting wabbits at the back window. I gently nudged the dogs out of the way and wedged myself in, happy to have enough blanket that none of me was exposed. Once I got situated, Zooby climbed the stairs and waited until I invited him up onto my chest. He settled there, and proceeded to purr like a locomotive until he felt Trixie climb up my legs (he must have known it was inevitable that she was going to pounce on his head). The five minutes he was laying on me was the quietest and most content I have been since my father’s passing. *Zooby is my favorite, please don’t let the others know.* Once he left, my brain started going again…so here I am, writing a pointless story about the sleeping arrangements in my house.
I guess it’s really not so pointless, on second thought. Maybe the point is simple: no matter how small the bed, there is always enough room for those we love.
Good night…I hope you sleep well. Me…well..I’ll sleep tight.


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  1. hahahaha…Lori we sleep like this every night…since our dog Voodoo is 17,we can’t let him sleep in bed with us anymore in fear he’ll fall off the bed since we got a new mattress and box spring, it’s too high for him. We had to set up a bed on the floor next to my side of the bed…Bill goes to bed earlier than me so he takes Voodoo up with him. If Voodoo doesn’t smell me in that room he paces until I come to bed…once I come to bed, I have to crawl from the bottom of the bed as to not step on him(lol)…then all the cats come in..Bella has to walk right up the center of the bed(this is methodical for her) and right under the blankets. She throws herself down right on her side…if she’s not close enough to me she’ll do it again until her body is half on mine…Angelina is at our feet between me and Bill…Luigi is downstairs with one of his many stuffed babies crying as if we abandoned him…he loves to talk when he thinks he’s alone..we laugh for about 15 minutes until he settles down…lol…I love my pets in bed with me although most nights we don’t get restful sleep and I wake with back ache due to being twisted up all night…but I am an animal lover and they keep me so warm in the winter and I just love Bella’s kisses all night…

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