Big Things, Little Signs…and vice versa.


I am one of those “everything happens for a reason” people. At times, I wish I wasn’t, because I can get disappointed when I don’t see the signs, or get the results, I think I “should”. Because…of course, I know better than anyone or anything what “should” happen. Seeing as I am all-powerful. Kidding. But, I do have difficulty giving up control at times, and when I hang on too tight…that is usually when I don’t see the signs.
I also think that we meet the people we do for a reason. Sometimes, to bring out the best in us, sometimes to reflect the worst and sometimes just to cause us to reflect…period. Yesterday, Lisa and I met with the attorney my father had hired to handle his will. I had met him briefly at the viewing, and could tell immediately that he defied the “lawyer” stereotype. He was a very nice man, who was sincere in his kind words about my father. In addition to the official conversation we had yesterday, Lisa and I had some questions on a more personal level, that we thought, as a lawyer, he might have some advice or insight about. It was a very brief conversation, but, altered my perception about something that I think, unfortunately, I had long misunderstood. And, he spoke to us as a man, as a father and not as a lawyer. Through this conversation, I got my first sign from my dad. This man was not my father’s lawyer on accident. Although he may not know it, my father’s hiring him may very well change my life in more ways than one. But, I like to think that he does know it and is giving me a wink and a smile from Heaven.
Today, I was in the grocery store and the woman ahead of me was handed a $50 bill in change. She asked the cashier for smaller bills and he said he didn’t have any. She then walked over to the customer service counter, which was closed. She got all frustrated, throwing up her hands and huffing. My first thought was….man, there are WAY bigger problems in life *mine, for instance* and boy, she is getting upset over nothing. But, then I remembered something a co-worker from The Limited said to me years ago….that you never know what came before the moment you meet someone. That thought has stuck with me ever since, I just seem to forget it at key times, like when I get frustrated myself.
Both of these situations were great reminders of the impact we can have on each other. You just never know the effect you can have on someone. I have yet to find a “reason” for my father’s death, and haven’t stopped asking the question “why?”. What I have found is what I think to be the reason he lived: to make the world a better place through his quiet generosity, to show us how to enjoy the simplest things…like a Lindor Truffle, to try to make the most of what you’ve got, that attitude is everything….and, for me, most importantly, to not sweat the small stuff.


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