Paul the Great.


Today, my husband proved to me why I married him. It’s not the first time….he makes gravy for the dogs and lets them sleep in our bed, and I can’t underestimate those gestures.
Today, though, he made me really see what love is. I asked him to do something very important, difficult and I’m sure, uncomfortable. His answer: “that’s not a problem”. Just like that….done.  No questions asked. I am amazed, and I guess I shouldn’t be…but, I bring with me a questionable relationship history. Seems I must have learned something along the way. Like, love should be easy. Compassion should come before proving your point. Saying you care about someone should be backed up with actions that prove it. Maybe, Paul is helping me learn those things.
My husband is a good person. More than good, really….he is extraordinary. He is kind and funny. He loves our animals. He waters my plants. He deals with my obnoxious moods and my complicated family. Paul is the kind of person who you instantly feel comfortable around. He smiles easily and hasn’t let the circumstances of our life together bring him down…and, believe me…the first 3 years of our marriage have not been easy. But, they have been full of love, learning and laughter. He has made me a better person. He’s not perfect, but, he is perfect for me.
I don’t know that I believed that I would ever find love. For a long time, I considered myself too flawed or unworthy. Boy, am I glad I let go of all that…because then I would have missed out on this 🙂


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  1. As your best friend for so many years now, I am truly happy for you. Paul is an amazing person and I have seen so many changes in you since he’s been in your life, all for the better of course. I knew you would find the right person!!!

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