Fantastic Jason


Let me tell you a little bit about my brother, who constantly amazes me.

Jason is one of the most kind-hearted people you will ever meet. He would do anything for anybody, which is a great quality, but, as is often the way of the world…he, unfortunately, often gets taken advantage of. But, that doesn’t stop him. Recently, he told me that on his way up to my house, he saw a dog running loose and that he was the only person to stop to try to catch him. He wasn’t able to catch him, the dog ran off into the woods, but, I totally believe that no one else stopped, unfortunately. He also found a wallet in the street and brought it right to the local police department,who returned it to it’s rightful owner. Maybe others would do that, but, I think (as I am in a period of deep cynicism) many would go through it first and take the cash before returning it. Not Jason…..
It’s sad to me that even though we were close before, I didn’t really know just how great my brother is until our father died. Getting to know my brother in a new way has been a great gift. I see his sense of humor, his kindness and his generosity in a whole new light. Today was my dad’s birthday and we were meeting someone for lunch near my brother’s house, and I told him that I was going to the cemetery for a bit before meeting.  I asked Jason if he wanted to meet me, thinking he would say no, as it was pretty much out of his way. I was wrong…he said yes and we had a few quiet minutes together talking and laughing about old times. Since my dad died, there have been very few days in which we haven’t talked, and I am so grateful for this new closeness….and that we actually like, trust and value each other like we do. I guess it’s one of those “Circle of Life” things. Each ending signals a new beginning.

This picture is one in a series of attempts to get a good shot of the 3 of us last year. I have posted the “good” one before…but this one, I think best captures the essence of my brother…open, smiling, wearing a NY Yankees shirt and a little “crazy-eyed”….something he learned to do in pictures from the king of crazy eyes…my dad 😉


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