Foster Dog Files: 5 days in.


So, Angie has been here for 5 days now, and, with the exception of yesterday, all is well. The wacky October storm was rough enough to begin with here in New Hope, where we had quite a few inches of wet heavy snow…and then the power went out. With the power out, we had to make some adjustments in our arrangements and not everyone took to them well. Poor Savannah hangs out by the bedroom door waiting for whoever is inside with Angie, the cats have to quell their curiosity and Rocco is not getting the amount of “alone on the bed” time he likes. As for the humans, we are okay, but yesterday almost  pushed us to our limits. But, we made it…and had a good day today….considering we left the house unshowered and un-coffee-ed to get Angie to the shelter for her vet check. The power finally came back on at around 3 this afternoon, thank God!
The good news through all of that is that Angie was a trooper. Even without her sweater (which was in the wash when the power went off) she did all of her business outside and though I think not getting much exercise or stimulation was hard for her, she maintained her good behavior….other than the separation anxiety. Which I am to blame for. I take full responsibility. And, I am working on it…and it seems to be working. I have stopped interacting with her close to when I am leaving her. I gave her a stuffed kong that she will only get when we are leaving and I am squashing my desire to check on her every 10 minutes. Which is hard, but works better for her…and this is about her, not me.
This morning, Paul & I did a group walk, which went well…no one is bothered by anyone else’s presence outside. She and Savannah did fine on a brief face to face in the house this morning….but then she tried to hump Savannah. Savannah didn’t react badly, but, we thought better than to take the chance. Found out at the clinic that she is in heat…so, now she is wearing a diaper. Hasn’t bothered with it at all, good girl that she is. We will keep doing the walks together, but, real get-togethers probably have to wait until after her surgery later this week.
I have to say how truly impressed I am with this dog. She has had only one accident in the house since she got here. She sleeps through the night. She knows to sit to be leashed and fed. She sits and gives paw for treats, and did so for a little boy this morning at the shelter. She is great in the car. She is super affectionate and friendly. She will make someone an excellent companion.
Plus, she let me put the diaper on her…how many dogs can you say that about??? 🙂


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