Foster Dog Files: Love.


I love Angie. I have fallen for her in every way. The strength, sweetness, energy and love this dog has absolutely amazes me.  We had a rough weekend,(none of which was her fault) but, since then things have improved dramatically. She has settled in, gained weight and confidence. We have a routine and are exploring new places and people. She has reacted beautifully to everything she has experienced. She loves the car, loves the sound of laughter and loves being cuddled even more than playing. She has not shown any interest in chewing, biting or any other disliked young dog behavior. The two accidents (pee) she has had were completely my fault.
For a long time, I didn’t understand what fostering a dog really meant. I thought it could potentially be a de-stablizing step, rather than a stabilizing one. I was wrong. She may have a few issues when she goes to her forever home, but, because of the love and care we have been able to provide her, these will likely be mere bumps in the road, rather than skids out of control. Being here has normalized things for her…eating regular meals, sleeping comfortably, and learning that people come back to take care of her and don’t just leave her to fend for herself.
Angie is extremely smart. She picked up some obedience commands immediately and today we will work on tougher ones. She doesn’t care if you take her food bowl away while she is eating, she has learned to sit before being fed and to have her leash put on. She sleeps with her belly exposed and sometimes her tail wags while she is asleep.
I know a lot of people think we won’t give her up and will end up keeping her. I don’t think that is going to happen, for a few reasons. 1.) I knew what I was signing up for and though I didn’t think I would love her this much, I look forward to the day when I can hand her over to the right person knowing I have done what I set out to do. 2.) We have a good balance here, the vibe is just right between our full-time residents, human, canine and feline. 3.) The jump from 2 dogs to 3 is bigger than the one from 1 to 2…been there, done that. Plus, I want to be able to save another life and if Angie stays, we can’t, there just really won’t be any room.
If you know anyone who is looking to get a dog, please send them my way. Though she can’t be officially adopted until she is spayed, we can bring her to meet people. People can contact me at I am happy to sing her praises to anyone who is interested.
I mean, look at her….what’s not to love? 🙂


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  1. Angie is a great dog. I don’t have as much experience with dogs as Lori but is probably one of the smartest dogs I have met. She does not have the traits I expected from a street dog, especially how loving and trusting she is but I guess that may be because of my own ignorance about dogs in general.

    I once told Lori when we first get her that we was so happy just to wake up in the morning. What an incredible characteristic for a dog, person or any living thing. We take so much for granted if even just assuming it is a given that we get up in the morning when we lay our heads to rest as night. Maybe when we are not sure just getting up is a celebration. There is a lot to learn from Angie, among the greatest of them are love, trust and the appreciation of life.

    • I’m a 6-afternoons-a-week shelter volunteer in France. My only grandkids are feline and canine – all rescued from the cruel streets of San Antonio, TX. Thank You for your care of the powerless and voiceless. I live with a constantly broken heart knowing how many are death row because of mindless and egoistic humans.

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