Foster Dog Files: 1st Person.


Hi everyone…it’s me, Angie. I saw that one of my other friends wrote about himself, so, I decided that I should too. My foster mama writes nice things, but, I thought you should hear about me directly.
So…..what you already know is that when I came here I was really sick. What you might not know is that I didn’t know if I was gonna make it. I felt so bad that I just didn’t really care anymore. The night before my foster mom and dad came to get me, my good friend Peggy tried to give me some goodies, but, I just didn’t want them. I could hardly breathe and I was so weak that all I could do was lick some peanut butter off of her fingers. I also overheard talk about something called euthanasia, because I wasn’t getting any better, even with all the medicine they were giving me at the shelter. When my foster parents showed up, I was feeling a little better (because of the peanut butter AND subcutaneous fluids they gave me) and the bits of cheeseburger they fed me really helped. I stayed in a dark, quiet room for a few days with this thing called a vaporizer that really helped my breathing…and once I started feeling better I really blossomed! I was able to sniff out spots to go do my business, rather than just going in the street. I started learning these things called obedience commands, which are supposed to help me become a better dog…and, I think it’s working! Everyone tells me what a good dog I am and I love the pets and treats that go along with being a good dog. I also love going on what they call “socialization outings”..I just call them car rides. I relax in the car and look out the window…it is so cool! Sometimes, I try to get into the front seat for kisses, and even though my foster mom and dad tell me not to, I think they like it, because they laugh 🙂
So, now I am stronger and healthier and I am so glad that I didn’t give up! I went to something called an adoption event today and I am told it is because we need to find my forever home. I guess that means I am not staying here. That makes me kind of sad, because I love my foster parents, but, they have done their job and it is time for me to find my own couch. The one here is there are kitties here and I don’t really think I like them too much. Reminds me of the skittery critters I used to see when I was living in the streets. We met one really nice lady who wants me to live with her and her daughter and if it works out, I guess I’ll give it a go. My foster mom was talking about something separation anxiety and having to fix it and I know what that means: I have to learn to spend time alone without freaking out. Ugh…does anyone have any idea how hard that is for me? I had no one to love me before and now I do, and I just want to be with them all the time!! Ok…I know that’s unrealistic, but, a girl can dream, right? My foster dad is my favorite to cuddle with. He uses me as a book rest, too…I like that, makes me feel useful! Anyway, it turns out that I like my crate and this week we will be working hard on getting me comfortable with people walking out of the room. I hate that! I am always so afraid they won’t come back. But, I am willing to try, because I am a good girl and good girls get yummy stuff!
I also heard the word “spay”, which means that I will not be able to have puppies. I am not looking forward to surgery, but, I am looking forward to a life without puppies. God knows there are too many unwanted pittie puppies out there without me getting into that mess. So, on Thursday, I go down to the shelter to get “fixed”. Sheesh, the way they say it, you’d think there was something wrong with me. There’s not….I’m GREAT!
Anyway, wish me luck with my surgery and that I get my furever home real soon. Share my story again, too, just in case this one doesn’t work out. A girl like me needs options! Your friends can contact my foster mama at
Here’s me on the way home today….man, was I beat! Foster mom & dad wouldn’t let me sleep, though, said I needed to take a long nap when we got home. So, they started making all these silly noises that they say are just like the ones I make when I am alone. Sounded like a dying dinosaur…it was pathetic!! I sound much better than that…I’m a pit bull after all 😉



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