Foster Dog Files: Update


In case you didn’t know, Angie is back in foster care with us. Through no fault of her own and to their great disappointment, her adopters were unable to keep her. We gladly (eagerly?) took her back and she has been here for about 2 weeks again. In that 2 weeks, we have re-built a routine, and re-established our connection. I know I have said it before, but, Angie is truly a special dog…fun and funny, loving and easy to get along with. I guess you could say that about most dogs or any dog that you love, but, I really feel it is a bit different with her. Is it a breed thing? Is she proving what people say about pit bulls, that they tend to be more social and people focused? Or, is it an Angie thing? Just personality traits that are part of her being? I don’t know, but, I do know this: neither Paul or I have ever met a dog like her. We love our own dogs to the moon and back, but, if we were having a doggy Miss Congeniality contest around here, Angie would win hands down. From her effusive greeting ritual to her desire to be as close as possible at all times, she is a living, breathing example of love in action.
Angie has some issues, for sure. But, truthfully, they just make her more endearing. She is clumsy, she likes to chew hair. She can be impatient and demanding. But, when I look at those things in the context of her almost dying, they are easy to take. They make her more alive and I see that she does things because she feels safe. She chews hair during play because she knows she is not going to get hit or yelled at. She throws the full weight of her body against you to be pet because she wants to be as close as possible. She is impatient to get food, any food, because she was starving and she demands to go outside because the alternative is to do her business inside and that would be a step backwards.
I recently read an article in which the writer said that when he started training with his adopted pit bull, it was almost like she was remembering something from deep inside, rather than learning it for the first time. That is how training has been with Angie. She is super-motivated and enjoys the treats, the attention and the mastering of things more than any dog I have ever met. She picks most things up within a few trials, and picked up the always fun army crawl immediately. I am sure that she would excel at Flyball or Agility and enjoy expanding her knowledge even more.
As I write this, Miss Lady (one of her many nicknames) has gone back to sleep with my husband. She woke up, gave me some kisses and decided that laying with a warm body on a cold Sunday morning sounded better than going outside to do her business and starting her day. Angie is pretty much happy to do whatever the humans want to do. If that happens to include treats…even better 🙂
Please share again for Angie. She needs to go to her forever home soon. I know she would take a loving foster home over the shelter any day, but, this girl needs someplace and someone who is all hers. Someone she can start a life with and whose days she can make brighter and more full of laughter. She has done all of that for us and we are so grateful to her for giving us a reminder about the joys of simply being alive.
These are the ads I have done for her, and if anyone is interested, they can also contact me at


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