Jenga: One Week In.


Today marks a week since Jenga moved in. I have to say that it has gone remarkably smoothly. She is recovering nicely from her multiple issues and has become more playful and loving as she heals. Let’s review the issues that Jenga came home with, so we can mark her progress: terrible upper respiratory infection, kennel cough to the extreme, demodex mange and a secondary skin infection that was either yeast or ringworm. I got the results on Saturday for her skin culture, which confirmed what I already knew: she did not have ringworm, but, did have a very bad yeast infection. She was on heavy duty antibiotics for the URI and kennel cough and both have improved dramatically in the past 2 days. She is on Ivermectin for the mange and her coat is coming back in quite nicely. I was given Ketochlor by the shelter to bathe her and help with the yeast. I gave her a bath yesterday and saying that she smells great is an understatement. She actually smells like somebody loves her! A bonus was that she was as good in the tub here as she was in the shelter…as long as I kept the Snausages coming, she was happy as could be in there! She met my brother yesterday and it was love at first sight. She has officially met Savannah and they were very playful together and Rocco, well, Rocco is Rocco šŸ˜‰
A few things I have noticed about her: she is full of personality, which is nice to see, because at the shelter, she was afraid and overwhelmed and I think those two things sort of dampened who she is. Happens to all of them, but, I am happy to see that what I thought I saw in her remains. She is a loving, friendly dog who likes people and enjoys company. She is mischievous….has brought numerous random items to bed with her, like her leash, towels, a dog bed and the bathroom rug. She is easily trainable. Her personality lends itself to happily going along with whatever we have planned. She is a doofus. I think I underestimated how big she is. Maybe the stress of the shelter caused her to shrink into herself a bit, but, what I thought was a 45 lb dog is more likely a 55 lb dog, who probably needs to gain about 10 more lbs. Which is fine, she walks nicely on the leash and when she jumps up (which I am working to train her out of), it really seems to be just to hug and get close, she is not at all obnoxious about it. In addition to the fact that she is bigger than I thought, she seems to have no concept herself of how big she is. She is clumsy and graceless…and this just seems to make her more charming. I haven’t had a dog this big in a long time, and it’s nice.
Jenga is house-trained, she has not had a single accident in the house.She does not seem the least bit bothered by the cats, nor, them by her. She is at the point in her recovery where she can’t be left alone and trusted to just sleep. She has to have something to do, so, today we will take her to Petsmart and let her choose some toys, since she seems more fond of chewing on dog beds and mattress pads than Nylabones. A few stuffed animals, perhaps?? She has been having diarrhea, which, I think is caused by the Ivermectin, so I’ll fill a few Kongs with canned pumpkin and some dry kibble and hopefully, that will keep her away from my dresser, which she also noshed on. I am not upset about the stuff she has gotten into, it just reminds me that she probably hasn’t learned what’s okay and what’s not and that is up to us to teach her.
Now, back to Rocco….we did a quick introduction yesterday and though he was definitely not feeling it at first, some happy talk helped him calm down pretty quickly. Jenga just sort of sat there and looked at him as if wondering what his deal was. We didn’t want to overload either of them, so we kept it short and sweet. This morning, we did some side by side sit and treats with a gate separating them, which I had seen in a Bad Rap ( video in which they did this to start assimilating a foster and a resident. It went very, very well, so we then took them all for a pack walk, and again, no problems. This was a huge relief, since we never got nearly this far with Rocco and Angie. He just did not like that dog, and, this one I think he will come to accept, if not fall in love with. Since the walk, they are separated only by a gate and so far, so good. She really is very easy-going and the only time she has barked was when my nutty neighbor decided to make the (steep and rocky) back hill his exercise circuit and she could see him out there. Perfectly acceptable barking, as far as I am concerned.
This week, we’ll start working on training more diligently. Now that she is feeling better and not coughing every 5 seconds, I think she can handle it. She already understands sit, down, watch and is working on stay. I truly believe that by the time she is spayed, she will be a great dog and whoever adopts her will be very, very lucky.
In the meantime, we are trying to figure out what the heck she is. Paul thinks she is not a dog and is really La Chupacabra, a neighbor said he thought she looked rottie/ pit (what??) and my best guess is hound/ pit. I am curious to see what she starts to look like once she has gained some weight and her skin/ coat has improved even more. Anyone else have any guesses??


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  1. This is awesome stuff Lori! Thank you for the work you do and thank you for saving Jenga. Good luck with Rocco. Seems to me that Jenga is a bit more balanced and therefore easier for Rocco to tolerate. I have a crazy unbalanced boy at home and the other dogs clearly get annoyed with him…he is a trigger to many a scuffles. My guess is that Jenga will be in the mid to upper 50’s as her health stats to come around and I agree with you…hound and Pit mix. Regardless of the DNA…she is one cute dog! Love you for loving her!

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