A Week with Hazel.


So, our little house mouse has been here for a week. I call her that because she is a skittish little thing, who often makes herself as small as possible and, the whole hairless thing, which Paul said made her look like a hairless rat. I think house mouse is kinder šŸ™‚
Anyway, after a week, she is noticeably less pink and may even have a bit of hair re-growth on her back end. She has been getting a seaweed supplement with her food, coconut oil rubbed into her skin and, of course, her daily dose of Ivermectin. The coconut oil must instantly soothe her skin, because she goes into a trance-like state when I am rubbing it on…and she knows she gets to lick the cup when I am done. She does have an upper respiratory infection, so we took her to our vet yesterday and got her some meds for that. I think once those have kicked in a bit, we will start to see more of her true personality.
One thing seems pretty clear, Hazel probably hasn’t been exposed to much in life. She spooks easily, but, the good thing is, she recovers quickly and has enough curiosity to want to check things out most of the time. Right now, she is content to sleep most of the day, get up and play or train for a while, go for a little walk and then go back for another nap. I worry a bit that at some point, she will want to make up for lost time šŸ˜‰
Hazel, like Angie and Jenga before her, is doing great with training. She is by far the best loose leash walker I have ever worked with. We have practiced sit, look, down, and wait as well. We have used wait for the car and she seems to be pretty patient. Her car behavior is pretty funny…I am used to nose art in random spots on a car window, Hazel’s goes in a line from one corner of the window to the other, almost like she is methodical in how she checks things out. Every once in a while, I will look back and her face is directly behind me, buried into the corner of the window. This is pretty nice, after Angie, the “I gotta give kisses in the car” dog, Jenga, the “I gotta be right here in between you guys” dog, and Rocco and Savannah, the “We whine the whole way there, wherever there is” dogs.
Hazel also seems to be fairly independent, which is nice. She does not jump up the second we walk into a room or freak out when we leave. She is affectionate, but, not in a needy way…more in a “oh, this is nice way”. She is just as content to chomp on one of her many Nylabones. But, touch her with that coconut oil….and she is in heaven! It is so interesting to me after living so many years with the same 2 dogs to get to know the personalities of others like this. Angie was needy and snuggly, Jenga was goofy, funny and cartoonish, Hazel is cool and assesses everything. Once she decides something is safe, she becomes loving and playful.
We won’t market Hazel for adoption too aggressively yet. Which reminds me…I do need to update her Petfinder ad! She needs time to get well and get comfortable with the world. Once she is more settled and has decompressed, we will take her to events and out into the public eye. For some reason, I fear she won’t be as adored as she should be, what with the lack of hair and all šŸ˜‰
She is still pretty adorable, if you ask me!


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  1. She is beautiful!!!! ā¤
    OMG too cute on the car! Can't wait to see her recover, she will become a ball of energy!!!
    Im so happy the little house mouse is you you, house mouse sounds very cute!!! =^_^=

  2. Love her! I adore has as much as she should be adored and more hair or no hair, house mouse looking or not lol! You have one special girl in your hands! With your help shes going to be healthy and confident girl and can’t wait to see the progress she makes!

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