Single White and Brown Female Seeks Furever Home.


Hazel here! I decided that since my foster momma’s ads weren’t getting much action, that I should write my own! I think I did pretty good…I mean, it was pretty easy to write great things about myself, because, I am…well….GREAT! Please share this blog post with your friends. I really, really want my furever home. I know my foster parents love me to the moon and back, but, I’m ready for my very own family. One who will love me forever and treat me like the special girl I am. Not that my foster parents don’t…..they TOTALLY do, but, the two old fuddy-duddy dogs here took a vote and decided that I was cramping their (lame-o) style. So, please share my new ad for me. I included the link to it, but, posted it fully here for you to be able to read right now. See how thoughtful I am 😉

Hi! I’m Hazel and I am available for adoption. I am currently in foster care through ACCT in Philadelphia. I live with my foster family in New Hope and I love it here, but, I am ready for my FUREVER home! Before I get into how awesome I am, here’s my basic info:
I weigh about 45 lbs., I have a beautiful white coat with brown markings. I am spayed and up to date on my vaccines and am approximately one year old. I am listed as a pit bull terrier mix, though, everyone seems to think I am more likely a bull terrier mix.
Okay, so now on to the important stuff:
#10.) I was sick as a dog when I arrived at my foster home…now, I am healthy as a horse!
#9.) Speaking of other animal species, everyone says I have really neat Moo- Cow spots. One even looks EXACTLY like Mickey Mouse. My looks are outstanding!
#8.) I get along well with other animal species, too! One day, I met some cows and I just wagged my tail and checked them out! It was so cool. I get along with my kitty foster siblings, too. Okay, I get on their nerves sometimes because I am pretty playful with them, but, they do like to rub up against me and sniff me, which to me means “Let’s play!”
#7.) I get along well with other dogs. My doggie foster siblings are a lot older than me, and, even though they won’t play with me, we spend time together just chilling with our foster parents. I would probably like a doggie roommate, though, we will need to make sure that we can play well together, sometimes I get jealous.
#6.) I have no issues being alone. In fact, sometimes, I choose to go off and relax on my own. I love to be with my foster family, but, a girl needs a good nap every once in a while! I can be left home alone, too. I don’t bark, cry or destroy. I just chill. I’m good at chilling. I don’t go to the bathroom inside, either, I am completely house-trained!
#5.) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE people! I have never met a person I didn’t like. Kids, men, women, you name it, I like them! I was a big scaredy when I got here, so, my foster parents made sure I had lots of good experiences. I go to Petsmart, I go to adoption events…it’s all good. I just love being around people!
#4.) I am very affectionate! In fact, I am kind of a mush. I love to give kisses and fall asleep with my face right next to my foster momma. I wiggle a lot when I am getting love and wag my tail a lot, so you know just how happy I am.
#3.) I have beautiful Hazel colored eyes, just like my name. Seriously, they are GORGEOUS! Oh, and I have a cool freckly nose. It has exactly eight freckles above it.
#2.) I make my foster parents laugh every time they feed me. I do this silly little dance, where I turn ’round and ’round in a circle several times. Then, I plop my butt right into a sit to have my bowl put down, just like I was taught! I know lots of other obedience commands, too, and my foster momma will work some more with me before I come home!
and the NUMBER ONE reason you should adopt me is:
*** I am proof that shelter dogs ROCK! I am loving, trusting and fun. I have come so far in foster care, I make everyone proud and happy! I deserve to be loved and cherished! I am ready for my new life! Could it be with you??
For more information about how awesome I am, contact my foster momma, Lori at lorosuzo (at) You won’t regret it!
Here’s the link to this new ad:

And, here’s a few more pictures of me…just in case you forgot how stinkin’ cute I am!

Here’s me with my boyfriend. Okay, we only met once…but, it was true love!

Here I am showing my love for other animal species. Okay, it was cement…but, it’s still a piggie!

I’m really a good girl. I’m a lot of fun. Can you please help me find my Happily Ever After?
Thanks so much! If I could, I’d give you a great, big, sloppy kiss right through the Interwebz!
Hazel 🙂


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