See Ya, Sweet Hazel.


The day that your foster dog is being adopted is a strange one. You have the excitement of knowing what lies ahead for the dog, the sadness of knowing that it may be the last time you see her and the duty of handing over the leash to someone else. It’s stressful while you are at the shelter, for the humans and for the dogs. I have this constant banter in my head- wondering if I forgot anything, if we are making the right choice, is the dog going to miss us, how much we are going to miss the dog, hoping the dog doesn’t puke in the back of her new mama’s car and on and on….and on.
Deciding on who is the right fit for your foster dog is a big decision. For us, the bottom line is: can this person give more to this dog than we can? In Angie’s case, a mom and her three older sons living at home were the right choice because someone would pretty much always be home and the guys wanted a dog who would really play. In Jenga’s case, a young couple just setting out on their lives together in the city, with access to dog parks and other dogs was the right choice. And, in Hazel’s case, a young woman who lives on her own, works for a vet and wants to do agility with her was the right choice. Hazel will have lots of other dogs to play with, get to go to work with her mama and be spoiled just like the other two. And, that is a great feeling…and it sort of trumps the other feelings- loss being one of them.
Jenga was toughest on me, I loved that dog (and still do) the way I loved my very first dog as an adult, Taz. Taz was my “Heart Dog”, and Jenga is a close second. There is something very special about Jenga for me, and I am thrilled that her parents will be allowing us the honor of dog- sitting her while they are on vacation. Hazel was toughest on Paul, he bonded with her in a very special way and it really touched me how much he loved her. It is a very topsy-turvy ride being a foster parent, and one well worth every second of love, doubt, fear and sadness.
For now, the Nanan’s are on a foster hiatus…we will probably pick another dog towards the end of August. Rocco, Savannah, Trixie and Zooby will be glad for the break, I am sure. Until then, Paul will probably be counting down days until I move into the back bedroom again and I will probably be wondering who we could be helping.  But, one thing we have come to realize is that we have to have some balance. We need to give our own pets a break….and we need a vacation. Well, 3 days in Florida will have to do for now, but, it’s better than nothing 😉
So, last night, Hazel got to meet some new people and made some doggie friends and that makes me so very happy. As with the others, there is a hole in our house and in our hearts that she filled for the 2 and a half months she was here, but, knowing she is safe and will be loved makes the hole bearable. And, sadly, we know that there will always be another dog to fill that hole. So, we will just keep trying to do what we can to save as many as humanly possible and send them on to a better life.
Please consider fostering…it will add such love to your life and improve your karma! It’s a beautiful thing 🙂

Here’s Paul and Hazel yesterday morning. He was saying up until that time that he didn’t want to let her go.
Here’s me and Hazel’s adopter…a young woman who could not have been more excited to be adopting this amazing little girl!
And, this is my little tribute to our fosters. I have had this statue for years…and up until a few months ago, it did nothing more than collect dust…now it has a very important job to do 🙂
That’s all for now…Live Well and Foster!


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