Foster Dog Files: Advertising Queen.


Ok…..Pulling out all the stops!!! I have written an ad for Angie to go on Craigslist, which is one of the ways the shelter markets animals. Anyone who responds to the ad still needs to go through the shelter screening process.
I am asking 2 things:
Please share this post for Angie and…..

help me come up with a title for the ad! THANKS 🙂

Hi! My name is Angie and here are the……… TOP TEN REASONS YOU SHOULD ADOPT ME!

10.) I am absolutely beautiful, if I do say so myself! Everybody tells me so. And, I mean everybody!

9.) My foster mom and dad have worked hard to make sure I am a “good girl”. I take being a good girl very seriously.

8.) I work very hard at training and am told I am a quick learner. I know lots of commands, like sit, lay down, stay, paw, settle and come!

7.) I love, love, love to cuddle!! I also like to play, but, honestly, I would rather cuddle. Take me for a long walk or two during the day and do some training with me and I will settle down nicely and be relaxed for my cuddle time!

6.) I am house-broken.

5.) I am in foster care, which means that I have gotten healthy. This is a big deal because I was really sick when I got here.

4.) I am spayed and ready to go to my forever home now!

3.) I am very playful with people and like everyone I meet. Everyone likes me, too. I am not bragging…it’s the truth…I am impossible not to like. I even like little kids a lot and my foster mom and dad have worked hard with me to teach me not to jump. I don’t want to knock little kids over with my kisses, so this is very important!

2.) I have fancy eye shadow on one of my eyes. Some say it looks like I forgot to do the other eye, but, I know better, it’s my trademark look.


1.) I am loyal, funny, smart, affectionate, wiggly, happy, love to give and get kisses, love treats and will do anything for them and….I could go on and on, but, that’s like 9 reasons wrapped up in one!

If you think you would like me to be your new best friend, you can contact my foster mom at I get along with other dogs…and we can arrange to meet, so we can be sure that we’ll be BFF’s! One thing you should know is that I shouldn’t live with cats…I find them simply irresistible! I am ready for my furever home…and can’t wait to meet you!!


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  1. Great ad…I would use the line TOP TEN REASONS YOU SHOULD ADOPT ME! for the title. And, wanted to add, I love the 1st photo of her…too cute! Good luck and I hope you find her the BEST furever home!

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